Using a simple adapter, the power of your home phone is unleashed. Make unlimited local or long distance calls in the continental US. Get free voicemail, caller ID and select from many local phone numbers or port your old number to us!

Voice is only available with the purchase of any internet plan.

E-911 Information

Enhanced 911 through Voice over IP providers, such as Data-Max Wireless, operates differently than 911 through traditional providers. By regulation, 911 is provided to all Data-Max Wireless customers. By dialing 911, our service automatically sends your callback number and address to a 911 operator. Customers may update or confirm this information at any time by contacting Data-Max Wireless support. If 911 is accidentally dialed, remain on the line to advise the dispatcher. When dialing 911, a third party 911 call center may answer the call and confirm your emergency contact information. This operator will connect you to the local 911 center. These call centers are specifically designed to help connect VoIP subscribers to 911 dispatch centers. VoIP requires Internet service and power at your location. An interruption in Internet service or power may result in the inability to dial calls, including calls to 911.

Voice over IP uses the Internet instead of traditional copper telephone lines. Because of this, systems that use internal modems such as fax machines, security systems, medical alert devices, or telephone line modems, may not work correctly. Cellular or eFax solutions exist for security, medical alert, and faxing devices.

Customers on Voice over IP systems, such as the system that Data-Max uses, cannot receive collect calls.

Agreement Information

Purchased Voice plans are tagged to your internet service. For example, if you purchase a 12 month agreement and order
Voice, your Voice will be the same agreement duration.

Get Started!

Voice Service Activation

• With a 12 or 24 month internet agreement, activation is $50.00.
• Without a monthly internet agreement, activation is $70.00.

The activation fee covers:

Provisioning your phone line, provisioning your phone number, setting up your voicemail, configuring your free ATA (analog terminal adapter) device.


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